Intermediate WWW Authoring, HTML and CSS

Intermediate Web Authoring, HTML and CSS is the second part of a three part series of classes on the fundamentals of Website Design and HTML coding.

The course introduces the student to HTML table creation. Table attributes are covered, and the students learn how to construct basic HTML tables. The course goes on to more advanced table design and teaches the student how to create basic charts and graphs. Then advanced graphing is covered, exploring the use of 1 pixel images and graphics in table design. HTML forms are then covered, including the FORM tag and its attributes, and various types of form elements that can be used. The form ACTION command is covered, as well as its relation to Web programming concepts. Students learn how to create forms that use text boxes, text areas, radio buttons, check boxes, password fields and select menus. Students learn how to manipulate the style of their tables and forms using Cascading Style Sheets.